Beirut Man Takes Sibling Rivalry To The Next Level, Constructs Skinny Building To Block His Brother’s Building’s Sea View

Siblings are people you trust, people you confide in when there’s no else to look out for . But there’s a flip-side, the one thing that is inherent in all sibling relationships is fighting. Fighting among siblings is like this unsaid universal fact. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

That being said, a man from Beirut went on to construct a building which blocks the Mediterranean sea view of his brother’s building taking sibling rivalry to the next level. 

The building constructed in the 1954 known as ‘al-Ba’sa’ in Arabic meaning ‘The Grudge’ looks like wall, but is also the world’s first thinnest habitable structure. 

The story of this building went viral after a woman tweeted about it. 

The Grudge Building in Manara is Beirut’s thinnest building (<1m). The owner built it to block his brother’s property’s sea view

— Emily Dische-Becker (@Emilydische) 14 November 2017

‘The Grudge’ is 14-metre-high and is less than one meter in width. It’s also said to resemble the shape of a ship. While recounting the story of this unique building, a blogger wrote, “The Grudge was built in 1954. The liveable wall ranges in depth from four metres at its widest, to sixty centimetres—the depth of a closet—at its slimmest.”

“According to laws, no new structure may be built in its place, even if the house is demolished, because the plot has an area that is smaller than what you are allowed to build on.”

According to the blog, the building was also used as a brothel during the Lebanese war and as shelter for a family. Soon, Tweeple started sharing stories of more such building that emerged from sibling rivalry:

— Ega K. (@ega_arch) 16 November 2017

In Minyara, in northern Lebanon there are two swimming pools overlooking the land below. The higher one was built after he fell out with his brother, who owns the one lower on the hillside so he could have the one with the better view…

— Phil (@Unofficial_Phil) 15 November 2017

Ah spite homes. Never change.

— A rubber goop yote 🌹 (@raveyote) 15 November 2017

Marino Crescent in Dublin has one part higher in order to block the then sea view from the Casino in Marino. The builder hadn’t been allowed to use the Casino’s owner’s bridge to bring building supplies, having to ship them. Thus he exacted his revenge.

— Eoin O’Malley (@AnMailleach) 15 November 2017


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